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H&R Underground Inc.

Utility Contractors

If your job has poor soil conditions and limited access then let us help you out. We can get the job done when others cannot. H&R Underground Inc. can install specialized shoring systems to get to the depth you need. Slide rail and sheeting are just a few of the systems that can be utilized to get to those hard to reach depths.

Do you need to hire temporary crews to see you through an overloaded work load. H&R Underground Inc. will supply you with a crew, a crew with equipment or a crew-equipment-materials situation. The choice is yours. Let us help you.

We offer state of the art video pipe inspections and cleaning services:

- Aries Saturn III unit

- Aries L.E.T.S Lateral Inspection System capable of launching 80'

- Badger Mainline Transporter (wheeled) capable of 6" - 30" pipe

- Aries L.E.T.S Transporter capable of 8" - 30" pipe

- Pan and Tilt cameras

- Pipe Tech Scan software (PACP v6.0 certified)

- Sewer Lateral Push camera capable of recording

Master Plumber on staff. Licensed in Maryland and Delaware.

New work and rehab work.

Storm Water Management Installation

Erosion and Sediment Control Device Installation Services

Excavation and Site Work